About DanceShots.com.au

About DanceShots.com.au

DanceShots.com.au is a derivative of whatabigcamera and represents the performance photography of Kris Ezergailis with a specific focus on dance photography.

Contact kris@whatabigcamera.com or 0402 132 057

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Q: Why the watermark?
A: I hate watermarking my photos. Hate it. I don't collect a fee for attendance at events, my livelihood is based entirely on the popularity of my photos. Unfortunately many people will just screenshot or download the photos they like, the watermark is the only defense against this.

Q: Can I take a photo over your shoulder?
A: I'd really rather you didn't. Please let the subject of the photo look at my lens. In a group it's very difficult to get everyone's eyes in the right spot and it's near impossible when it's a choice between my lens and a family member or friend.

Q: I'm ordering a lot of photos, is there any room to negotiate price?
A: Yes! Use the 'Favourites' feature of the site so we can collaborate, and contact me before purchasing. I want to make my photos available to you.

Q: I'm making an order on behalf of a club, is there anything you can do with the price?
A: Yes! As above, collect them all in 'Favourites' and contact me!

Q: When will the photos be online?
A: As soon as humanly possible. It's in my best interest to make them available, I go to extreme lengths to make it happen same or next day.

Q: Can I take my own photos on your backdrop?
A: I'd really rather you didn't, for the following reasons: 

·      The lighting is set up for me, not you. There's probably a lot better places for you to take photos, I suggest you find a place with filtered/indirect light.

·        It might give the casual observer the impression that your photo accurately represents my photos. A quick look at the galleries will show that a phone photo is not anything like what I'm doing in the studio.

·        Risk of damage. You are surrounded by tens of thousands of dollars worth of equipment, please understand this is a risk:reward trade-off.